Books I am Writing, The Road to Christmas

What is Co-Writing?

The “how I got the idea for this story” post is going to be a little different for this story because I didn’t get the idea, Allie did!  I was scrolling the writer forums one day and found a post Allie made looking for someone interested in co-writing a cute Christmas story with her. Those… Continue reading What is Co-Writing?

Books I Have Written, Slow Motion Whirlwind

The Cutting Room Floor

So you finished the book you were writing and you gave it some time to rest and then you went back to it and. . . those chapters you loved that developed characters and relationships and made your heart happy. . . yeah, they don't work in your story anymore. I wrote that as though… Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor

Books I Have Written, Slow Motion Whirlwind

My First NaNoWriMo

I admit my first experience with NaNoWriMo was probably not the typical experience. I stumbled into it purely by accident. I think that maybe should be the tagline for Slow Motion Whirlwind. "I stumbled into it by accident." It works for me and it works for Emmeline. But that's literally a whole separate story so… Continue reading My First NaNoWriMo

Books I Have Written, Slow Motion Whirlwind

Finding Inspiration

The idea for Slow Motion Whirlwind was actually brought on by my finding wattpad. A friend of mine showed me the site because he knows I have been attempting to write my novel for several years and love to procrastinate with reading. I went to check it out and really wanted to give writing there… Continue reading Finding Inspiration